Since the 1990s, our campuses have joined together in an attempt to maximize the ways in which we represent our peer students to campus administrations and elected officials. As the first organization of its kind, much of the growth that has occurred over the past twenty years is due entirely to the leadership of the students and the partnerships we have created with non-profits with focuses on higher education. 

ABTS allows student leaders from our 14 peer institutions to not only physically gather together three times a year at conferences, but creates an easily-navigatable communication means throughout the entire school year. The Executive Board has attempted to maximize productivity by connecting students of similar positions at each school. When our schools are working on an initiative that may be extremely difficult to pass through campus administration or Faculty Senate, they have the ability to reach out to peers at other universities who have successfully implemented programs and learn from them. 

Together, we represent more than 500,000 undergraduate students. As some of the largest universities in the world, we firmly believe we have the ability to affect higher education policy and the lives of our peers. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Association of Big Ten Students is to increase information sharing and networking among student government organizations and serve as the active collective voice of students of the Big Ten Conference.

Together, through the leadership of the Executive Board and collaborative effort of delegates from our 14 schools

Our Vision

The Association of Big Ten Students advocates for policy that reflects the needs of over 500,000 students. We strive to be the bridge between legislators and students.

We work to amplify the voices of all students across the country

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