Election Procedures

ABTS 01.16.01:

A bill to adopt an officer election procedure to be added to Article II of the ABTS Bylaws as Section 8.

A. The Executive Director will call a session of the ABTS on the second day of the Summer conference for the purpose of electing new officers.

B. The Executive Director will open the floor to nominations for each executive office individually, in order, as follows:

a. Executive Director

b. Associate Director

c. Director of Legislative Affairs

d. Secretary

e. Treasurer

f. Director of Public Relations

g. Conference Coordinator

C. Following the nomination period, speeches from each candidate, adhering to the list order above, may be given followed by questions from the body. A candidate will be given five minutes for a speech, and five minutes for questioning. 

D. Elections for each office will be held. The Executive Director will call the role with each member institution receiving one vote.  

a. In the event of a tie, the outgoing Executive Director will be the deciding vote.

i. If the outgoing Executive Director is not present, the next highest ranking outgoing officer will be the deciding vote.

E. Following the election of the Executive Director, the Executive Director-Elect will chair the remainder of the election proceedings.

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