Executive Director 

Bri Sislo-Schutta

Bri Sislo-Schutta is a third-year student at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities studying political science and strategic communications.  Contact Bri at sislo012@umn.edu


Director of Legislative Affairs

Claire Krafka

Claire is a third-year at the Ohio State University, studying Public Affairs and Strategic Communications with minors in Campaign/Elections studies and Dance. You can reach Claire at krafka.5@osu.edu


Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Affairs 

Marc Younker

Marc is a third-year at Rutgers University where he double majors in political science and labor studies, and minors in critical intelligence with a concentration in national security. 

Contact Marc at marc.younker@rutgers.edu



Vince Rehfeldt

Vince is a senior at Purdue University, studying Kinesiology/Biomechanics. You can reach him at vrehfeld@purdue.edu


Associate Director

Colin Lakadat

Colin is a third-year student at the University of Iowa. Colin is studying informatics and economics.  Contact Colin at Colin-Lakadat@uiowa.edu


Director of Communications

Dylan Catalano

Dylan Catalano is a fourth-year student at Michigan State University, studying Social Relations and Policy with minors in Leadership of Organizations and Italian.  You can contact Dylan at associationofbigtenstudents@gmail.com



Patricia Birungi

Patricia is a third-year at Penn State University, studying Biobehavioral Health. You can contact Patricia at pnb5062@psu.edu


Conference Coordinator

Vahini Shori

Vahini is a third-year at Rutgers University, studying Political Science with minors in Critical Intelligence and South Asian Languages and Literatures. You can contact Vahini at vahini.shori@rutgers.edu

Association of Big Ten Students

Together, we represent more than 500,000 undergraduate students. As some of the largest universities in the world, we stand strong to be agents of change in higher education policy and the lives of our peers. 

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