Executive Director 

Bri Sislo-Schutta

Bri Sislo-Schutta is a third-year student at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities studying political science and strategic communications.  Contact Bri at sislo012@umn.edu


Director of Legislative Affairs

Claire Krafka

Claire is a third-year at the Ohio State University, studying Public Affairs and Strategic Communications with minors in Campaign/Elections studies and Dance. You can reach Claire at krafka.5@osu.edu


Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Affairs 

Marc Younker

Marc is a third-year at Rutgers University where he double majors in political science and labor studies, and minors in critical intelligence with a concentration in national security. 

Contact Marc at marc.younker@rutgers.edu



Vince Rehfeldt

Vince is a senior at Purdue University, studying Kinesiology/Biomechanics. You can reach him at vrehfeld@purdue.edu


Associate Director

Colin Lakadat

Colin is a third-year student at the University of Iowa. Colin is studying informatics and economics.  Contact Colin at Colin-Lakadat@uiowa.edu


Director of Communications

Dylan Catalano

Dylan Catalano is a fourth-year student at Michigan State University, studying Social Relations and Policy with minors in Leadership of Organizations and Italian.  You can contact Dylan at associationofbigtenstudents@gmail.com



Patricia Birungi

Patricia is a third-year at Penn State University, studying Biobehavioral Health. You can contact Patricia at pnb5062@psu.edu


Conference Coordinator

Vahini Shori

Vahini is a third-year at Rutgers University, studying Political Science with minors in Critical Intelligence and South Asian Languages and Literatures. You can contact Vahini at vahini.shori@rutgers.edu