Association of Big Ten Students

Together, we represent more than 500,000 undergraduate students. As some of the largest universities in the world, we firmly believe we have the ability to affect higher education policy and the lives of our peers. 

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Winter 2019

A Resolution to Support a Change to the FDA’s MSM Donor Deferral Policy

A  Resolution in Support of The Bandana Project

A Bill Recognizing Survivors of Sexual Assault Through the “It’s On US” Week of Action and Dear Colleague (2011) Letter

A Resolution Endorsing the Strengthening American Communities Act

Resolution Supporting Medical Amnesty

A Bill to Authorize the ABTS Executive Board to File for Fiscal Sponsorship


Winter 2018

2017 - 2018 Federal Legislative Platform

A Resolution Encouraging the Expansion of SNAP Locations

A Resolution in Support of a Clean Dream Act

A Resolution in Support of the Creation of Middle Eastern/North African (ME/NA) Identity Category

A Resolution in Support of the Affordable College Textbook Act

A Resolution in Support of Affirmative Consent

Summer 2017

A Resolution In Support of Extending the Perkins Loan Program

A Resolution In Support of Legislation That Incentivizes Employers to Repay Their Employees' Student Loan Debt

Resolution supporting the "Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2017"


Winter 2017
2016-2017 Federal Legislative Platform

Resolution Supporting the Continuation of Title IX Guidelines

Resolution Supporting Undocumented and DACAmented Students

Resolution Supporting the Campus Accountability and Safety Act

Resolution Supporting “Ban the Box” on Big Ten Institutions’ Student Applications and the Common Application

Resolution Supporting a Change to the Food & Drug Administration’s Current Blood Donor Deferral Policy for MSM Donors

Resolution Supporting Action on Textbook Affordability in Higher Education

Resolution Supporting Improved Mental Health Initiatives

Resolution Opposing the Business between Aramark Corporation and Education Institutions

Resolution Supporting K-12 Consent Education

Summer 2016

Resolution Supporting the Restoration of Year-Round Federal Pell Grants

Resolution Supporting Federal Legislation on Medical Amnesty

Create a “BIG Ten Voter Registration Week/Day” to register students all over the 14 BIG Ten Campuses to vote.

Winter 2016

2015-2016 Federal Legislative Platform

A bill to adopt an officer election procedure to be added to Article II of the ABTS Bylaws as Section 8.

A Resolution Urging the United States Congress to Reauthorize the Higher Education Act

A Resolution In Support of Refugee Resettlement in the USA

A Resolution Opposing the Safe Campus Act of 2015 (H.R. 3403)

A Resolution Supporting Diversity and Inclusion Amongst the B1G Ten

Summer 2015

Bill to add a Treasurer and Conference Coordinator to the ABTS Executive Committee

Bill to change ABTS Executive Committee elections to the winter conference

Bill to establish an ABTS Steering Committee

Bill to establish a Mental Health Awareness Campaign